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Evergreen Student Media Project


Jonah Barrett

It can be difficult to attract the attention of a musical producer, especially when one’s an independent musician without any labels to present them whatsoever. But once in a blue moon
—or more specifically once every year—there will be a producer at Evergreen willing to create something in the name of collaboration. Actually, there’s a whole class of them.

The Evergreen Student Media Project (formerly the Evergreen Student Music Project; formerly the Evergreen CD Project; formerly the Evergreen Album Project) is a 36 year-old tradition at the Evergreen State College, finding its roots back in the 80’s. A collaboration between the Electronic Media interns and Multi-Track program taught by Peter Randlette, the project itself heavily relies upon submissions from students. With an emphasis on media, the ESMP is now accepting not just song clips, but photos, animation, video, and two-dimensional artwork as well. (The interns are especially looking forward to what will be submitted as cover art.) However, music is still at the heart of the ESMP. Students are welcome to submit audio recordings of any musical work they’ve done (singing, guitar solos, epic kazoo playing, etc). The recordings included in the project are chosen by an open selection committee, and from there are produced into full-fledged songs with students of the Advanced Recording/Multi-Track Composition program.

“You get access to studio spaces and opinions, working in a professional environment that you don’t always get in DIY situations,” Electronic Media intern, Coby Werlin, said. The studio spaces in question would be the audio recording studios in the Daniel J. Evans library basement.

Marlee Glatz, another intern and one of the coordinators of the ESMP, is excited about the process. “People can send us an iPhone recording or something really low quality, and we will work with them transform that piece into a song. It’s really exciting,” Glatz said. The interns are running on a deadline however, as audio submissions for the project close at the end of Fall quarter. This is in order to keep the project’s production on schedule, as the Multi-Track program’s curriculum depends on the production of these submissions. “The work needs to start at the beginning of winter quarter. Everyone in the Multi-Track class is assigned to a song and they need to work with that person, or group of people, to produce it,” Glatz said.

Submissions of the musical variety are still due at the end of week ten, but other forms of art are more flexible. Multi-Track students will help craft and polish audio recordings, but two- dimensional artworks, video, animations, and photographs are expected to be mostly developed by their creators when they are submitted, and the ESMP coordinators realize that can take
more time.

“We’re trying to get a broad array of students. It’s better to have people involved that aren’t usually in the media field at Evergreen,” Werlin said. The result of the final product is unknown at this stage, being fully dependent on what type of submissions the ESMP recieves. A submission pool made of only songs would result in an album, like in the past, while 2D and video submissions would result in other forms, such as interactive thumb drives with content, or boxed sets with CD’s, photographs and small booklets. Creative students with a song in mind
are encouraged to submit their audio files my messaging the ESMP’s Soundcloud:, while visual artists can submit their work via the ESMP’s blog:

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