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Wake Up!

Jonah Barrett

Stemming from his love of romantic comedies and fantasy, Wake Up! is a webseries created by Jonah Barrett that centers around a handful of queer young adults, dealing with the dreams of each character and how these fantasies affect their realities. Wake Up! also has its roots in nature documentaries, as each character is introduced by a narrator in a naturalist style. (It also doesn’t hurt that the narrator, David Brown, happens to hail from Milton Keynes, England.) The queer romcom features a varied cast of characters, dealing with subjects such as polyamory, breakups, and coming out, all within the span of eight 20ish minute episodes.
The entire series can be found on Vimeo:

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The Creation of a Snap

Jackson Rosenfeld discusses the production process behind his upcoming film, Snaps: The Musical.

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The idea for Snaps: The Musical started as a very simple idea a year ago, while driving to the 48 hour film festival in San Francisco. I was contemplating what it would be like if the action of snapping hadn’t been invented until modern times. Although the concept was very simple, it didn’t seem like the right time or place to make the movie. However, when my first quarter at Evergreen came along last Fall, I was overcome by a vast and expansive artist community that inspired me to elaborate on the idea and develop it to its fullest potential.

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Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy

Sam Crawford



I created this film during Spring quarter of 2014 as an independent project for a program titled “Re-Imagining the Body”. The piece is fueled by my growing frustration with the lack of transparency between consumers and food producers. Specifically it is a critique of Mad Cow Disease and its human-influenced origins. On a broader scope this film is a critique of current, unethical practices within  the food industry.

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Mark Enty


Mark Enty owns and operates OHI, a small underground production company in Olympia. OHI consists of an impressive network of artists, authors, and musicians. For more more information, visit OHI’s official website.

The original soundtrack for this film was composed by OHI artist Aaron W.P. and can be found here.

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