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Looking Backwards: Healing, Art and Introspection

Morgana Faye


There are many different therapeutic processes we can use to handle past traumas and difficult emotions, one of the ways that I find extremely useful and easily accessible is expressive writing. Expressive writing is a psychological tool that can be used to process emotional or stressful events or traumas through writing about the events themselves and about the emotions that surround them. This tool is meant to help us, as writers to come to terms with, reflect on, and process past traumas that may be negatively affecting our present day lives. While talk therapy can seem extremely daunting and invasive for some, the idea of taking the time to privately write down an account of a past experience can offer a less intimidating option for healing. Expressive writing can help guide anyone struggling with emotional pain or depression away from darkness and towards the fulfillment and release that comes from creation.

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